Get Real Estate Investment Deals Delivered Daily

As a Chase Real Estate Agent, I have access to tools that no one real estate agent in the country has access to. This includes over 1,000 private, off market deals that banks come to us to market to our clients. We also have industry leading software that allows us to search the MLS hourly for investment grade properties that fit our clients criteria! 

How to Chose the Right Contractors

Contractors make or break a real estate deal. Choosing the wrong contractor can cost thousands of dollars due to poor communication, bad quality, or taking way too long to do a simple project. Here at Chase Real Estate we have contractors that we have been working with for 20+ years. This way, you don't have to worry about getting scammed or being charged too much. We store most materials that our investors need in our warehouse where contractors can pick up the supplies at some of the cheapest rates around!

Fix and Flip Post Rehab Walkthrough

Want to know what level you need to do your rehabs to? Check out this flip that I just did with my business partner to find out! This is a quick walkthrough of a property that we bought, rehabbed, and sold for a profit. In order to make money in real estate you need to know your market and what buyers are expecting. In this video I break down what we did to this property, what we didn't do, and more importantly the "why" behind it all.

How to use Competitive Advantages to get more Real Estate Deals

In this video I talk about how you can use competitive advantages to grow your real estate investing business. Competitive advantages are small things that you can do that set you apart from the competition and give you a slight edge over the competition.